Taking Care of Your Ears: The Importance of Hearing Health

taking care of your ears

Taking care of our hearing health is an investment in quality of life that we often overlook until we face hearing difficulties. In this extensive article, we will delve into the importance of taking care of our ears and how we can do it effectively.

What is the right way to take care of our hearing?

care for hearing

Our senses are the fundamental building blocks that connect us to the world around us, and without a doubt, one of the most valuable is our sense of hearing. Through our ears, we can appreciate the beauty of music, enjoy meaningful conversations and be alert to potential dangers.

What is Tympanometry?


Tympanometry is a noninvasive diagnostic test used to evaluate middle ear function. During the test, a small device called a probe is inserted into the patient's external ear canal. The probe creates an airtight seal in the ear canal and emits a tone while measuring the eardrum's response to different levels of air pressure.

How noise affects hearing

how noise affects hearing

Exposure to excessive noise can cause permanent hearing damage and impair hearing. Hearing damage can be temporary or permanent, and usually occurs due to prolonged exposure to high sound levels.

What is Impedanciometry?

impedance impedance test

Do you need a Hearing Screening? Impedance testing remains a valuable tool in the evaluation of middle ear function and in the diagnosis of hearing disorders.

What is Speech audiometry?

speech audiometry

Do you need a Hearing Screening? Speech audiometry is a hearing test that is used to evaluate a person's ability to hear and understand spoken language.