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How does hearing loss affect overall health?

At the first signs of hearing loss, it is vital to turn to specialists such as Sontec Hearing Centers. Sontec Hearing CentersThey evaluate and treat each case individually and look for the best solutions.

From Sontec Hearing Centerswe want to help you in the work of awareness of hearing care and its relationship with health in general, therefore, we have generated this article.

Although there has been extensive research on comorbidity associated with hearing impairment in recent years, it remains an unknown risk to much of the public.

Comorbidity is a medical term that refers to diseases or disorders associated with a main problem. In the case of hearing, hearing impairment can affect many factors in life, both social and health, making it a silent enemy.

Evidence for this is provided by a study conducted by the British-Irish Hearing Instrument Manufacturers' Association (BIHIMA.) 

This one found that most Britons do not know that hearing loss is associated with other diseases such as dementia, depression, some cardiovascular conditions, diabetes and high blood pressure. 

This is also true for the rest of the world, as people are unaware of the many other things that poor hearing can be linked to.

Some of the conditions associated with hearing loss include:


Hearing loss occurs in 40-80% of people treated with cisplatin, a drug used to fight some types of cancer. Initial hearing tests and monitoring for ototoxicity during and after treatment can help improve patients' quality of life.


Adults with hearing loss have an increased risk of depression. In addition, in older women, moderate hearing loss is directly associated with depression.


Several cardiovascular risk factors are associated with hearing loss and a faster rate of hearing impairment.

hearing loss health


Patients with diabetes show a higher prevalence of hearing loss, regardless of age, and may be at risk of developing sudden sensorineural hearing loss. 

Hearing loss and diabetes can be related in a number of ways, as diabetes is a chronic disease that can affect several body systems, including the auditory system. Here are some ways hearing loss can affect people with diabetes:

Diabetic neuropathy: People with diabetes sometimes experience diabetic neuropathy, which is nerve damage caused by elevated blood sugar levels. This can affect the auditory nerves and contribute to hearing loss.

Circulatory problems: Diabetes can affect blood circulation, which in turn can affect the function of the inner ear, which depends on adequate blood flow to function properly.

Increased risk of ear infections: People with diabetes may be more prone to ear infections due to a compromised immune system, which in turn may contribute to hearing loss.

Medication side effects: Some medications used to treat diabetes may have auditory side effects.

Damaged blood vessels: Diabetes can damage blood vessels in the body, including those that supply blood to the ear. This can affect hearing health.

It is important to note that not all people with diabetes will experience hearing loss, and not all hearing loss is related to diabetes. However, it is critical for people with diabetes to have regular hearing screenings, as early detection and management of hearing loss can help improve quality of life and prevent additional problems. In addition, proper control of blood sugar levels and management of diabetes can reduce the risk of diabetes-related hearing problems.


Hearing loss has been associated with cognitive decline and is more common in older adults with dementia and/or Alzheimer's disease than in older adults without memory problems.


Statistics show that hearing problems are more frequent among older adults with chronic kidney disease, whether they have symptoms or not.


People with hearing problems suffer falls almost three times more than people with normal hearing. Therefore, at the first signs of hearing loss or hearing impairment, the most important thing to do is to see a specialist. The specialist will assess the most appropriate remedy for each specific case, and will initiate rehabilitation treatment, the success of which depends largely on the patient's dedication and cooperation.

The independent hearing health clinics in Fuengirola and La Cala de Mijas treat all hearing related problems with professional and personalized attention and state-of-the-art technology. Therefore, we recommend you to visit our hearing centers and as an experience is worth more than a thousand words. 

Its new center in La Cala de Mijas is equipped with the latest technologies and innovations in the sector, with two soundproof booths and an innovative 360 room for diagnostic tests.

Unique in Malaga and unique in Andalusia. Thanks to its state-of-the-art equipment, patients can test their hearing from any angle and simulating different situations, such as conversational or noisy spaces.

They have also incorporated an Otoscan hearing scanner, which helps to provide hearing aids to all people suffering from hearing loss. With a maximum level of fitting thanks to the depth and accuracy of the tympanic impressions, reducing the number of adjustments needed due to a bad impression. 

In addition, because the image of the ear canal is placed in a virtual space, people can have their hearing aids in record time.

hearing loss health

As part of our work methodology, our centers offer a free in-depth hearing evaluation, from which we recommend the best solution to the problem according to the needs of each individual.

To this end, we have highly qualified audiologists and audiology professionals, registered in Spain and the United Kingdom, who take care of all the hearing health needs of their clients.

hearing loss health

We also work together with the Junta de Andalucía and the Andalusian Health Service, as well as with several organizations based in the United Kingdom.

For more information, please contact any of our hearing centers:

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Plaza del Bulevar, 26 B, 29649 Mijas | +34 952-467-675

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Calle Hermanos Pinzón 4, Edificio Florida II, Local 9ºA, 29640 Fuengirola | +34 952 667 402

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