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Hearing loss, the new symptom of the new Covid variant: Omicron

Months after the discovery of Omicron in South Africa, the variant is still providing scientists with various answers, in fact, a team of experts from Stanford University has warned of ear discomfort, tingling and even hearing loss . We are therefore faced with a new symptom that has emerged from the Covid variant: Omicron.


New research on hearing loss new Omicron symptom

Commenting on the new findings, Konstantina Stankovic, head of the US university's Department of Otolaryngology and Surgery, said: "Surprisingly, these symptoms can also appear in patients who have been vaccinated with the full dose. Ear pain is becoming a common sign of infection.

The health expert leading the research explained in a conversation with Times Now News that the SARS-CoV-2 virus, "could infect cells in the inner ear, including the hair cells critical for both hearing and balance, leading to tinnitus and hearing loss ".



Tinnitus is a very annoying sound heard inside the ear that is not caused by an external source. They usually consist of ringing, buzzing, ringing or high-pitched or low-pitched noises that can be heard temporarily or chronically and are worse when the sufferer is surrounded by absolute silence .

This problem, little known by the general population, affects about four million Spaniards, and as we provide in the following link and our Sontec Hearing Centre we have a treatment, a solution.

Hearing loss new Omicron symptom

As Konstantina Stankovic indicated in the interview to the prestigious newspaper, the new symptom caused by the Omicron variant is hearing loss. So if you have been infected by this variant, at Sontec Hearing Centre we offer a free in-depth hearing evaluation, based on which they will recommend the best solution to the problem according to your personal needs.

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