What is a videotoscopy?

what is a videotoscope

In this article we will explain the videotoscopy test, the objectives of this test, its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Hearing Screening

Hearing Screening

Advantages of Hearing Screening: What is the best age to have a Hearing Screening? Hearing Screening has many advantages and is an excellent way to monitor and keep track of everything related to anyone's hearing and hearing.

Hearing loss? Smoking could be the cause

hearing loss health

At the first signs of hearing loss, it is vital to turn to specialists such as Sontec, who assess and treat each case individually and seek the best solutions.

Better hearing starts in your brain


Better hearing starts in your brain" is probably one of the least talked about messages in hearing centers, but that doesn't mean it's not important - on the contrary, untreated hearing loss can lead to hearing loss:

* Social isolation
* Poor balance
* Accelerated cognitive decline
* Dementia or Alzheimer's disease

From Sontec Hearing Centers, we want to help you in the work of raising awareness of hearing care and its relationship with the brain, so we have generated this article.

Hearing loss impairs your social life

Hearing loss impairs your social life

Good hearing is health, so it is important to protect our hearing. Alfonso Sánchez, Director and Audiologist at Sontec Hearing Centers, talks about the problems that people with hearing loss may encounter in their social life and how to solve them.