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Better hearing starts in your brain

Better hearing starts in your brain" is probably one of the least talked about messages in hearing centers, but that doesn't mean it's not important- on the contrary, untreated hearing loss can lead to hearing loss:

* Social isolation
* Impaired balance
* Accelerated cognitive impairment
* Dementia or Alzheimer's disease* * Alzheimer's disease* * Social isolation * Accelerated cognitive impairment * Dementia or Alzheimer's disease * Alzheimer's disease

From Sontec Hearing Centerswe want to help you in the awareness of hearing care and its relationship with the brain, therefore, we have generated this article.

What if there was a way to hear better with less strain on the brain?

If the brain can't hear the right sounds, it takes a lot of effort to make sense of them. With BrainHearing*, the brain has access to the entire sound environment, allowing it to focus on the most relevant sound sources. BrainHearing is not just a technology or a product feature. It is important to understand how hearing works and how the brain interprets sound.

We hear with our brains, not our ears. Hearing, especially speech intelligibility, is a cognitive process, not a mechanical one.

The ear receives the sound and sends it to the brain, which processes it and conveys meaning. When sound is lost, the brain tries to fill in the gaps in an often difficult and exhausting process. Good hearing isn't about making sounds loud enough, it's about helping your brain understand what you're hearing. That's why we've moved from an ear-centric strategy to a brain-centric strategy.

BrainHearing Technology will do it for you

With BrainHearing*, the sound of your life becomes more meaningful.

The idea of BrainHearing is to help your brain by giving it the conditions it needs toextract meaning from sound, rather than overloading it by increasing the volume. This reduces stress (cognitive load) and fatigue on the brain. You also get a more natural soundscape instead of amplifying individual sound sources.

For children

To develop speech skills, your child needs access to the widest possible range of speech and the fullest, clearest auditory signal. The powerful BrainHearing technology for children, used in Oticon Sensei and Sensei Super Power hearing instruments , supports the development of a wide range of cognitive skills in children with hearing loss.

Oticon with this technology provides sound processing based on the needs of children at each stage of development. As your child's communication skills improve, progress can have a positive impact on many areas of his or her life, such as school performance, social relationships and even self-esteem.


How does BrainHearing transform the way we hear?

When sound enters the ear and reaches the brain, the brain performs four basic functions to understand it.

-Locate sounds.

- Isolate sound sources.

- Focus on what is important.

- Identify the meaning of each sound and interpret it.

BrainHearing is designed to assist the brain in this process and all of this happens in the brain at the same time.

This technology helps the brain translate the sounds of your life into meaning while preserving context. BrainHearing has a variety of features including: Spatial Sound, Voice Guard, Free Focus and YouMatic.

The independent hearing health clinics in Fuengirola and in Fuengirola and La Cala de Mijas treat all hearing related problems with professional and personalized attention and state-of-the-art technology. Therefore, we recommend you to visit our hearing centers and as an experience is worth more than a thousand words.

We will show you what BrainHearing is all about, let your brain experience the difference. Our hearing care professionals will fit you with Oticon hearing aids with BrainHearing technology and let your brain be the judge.

For more information, please contact any of our hearing centers:

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